Sunday, February 24, 2008


This blog was created to tell the story of how me and my Dad sailed from England to Australia:

14 000 miles across the ocean on a 26 foot yacht.


Anonymous said...

A link from the electronic Afloat magazine, where there was a letter to the Editor from your bro, led me to your blog. Thanks for the opportunity to read, chart, and navigate in your wake. The 1000 days blog is in similar vein. ASR

Anonymous said...

Great story. And its never too late to write it down. I'm a little confused, though by the back to front order.

Penny said...

Yes I'd love to get it in the right order, I just don't know how! I'm just slowly typing in the story when I have time (I'm not a very fast typist) and that's the order it comes out. My son has agreed to learn HTML and try to turn it into a webpage for me but hasn't got very far yet.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Sim and you. What a fascinating adventure - inspirational! Thank you for sharing it with us Penny.

Maybe you could have a book publication sponsored, or paid featured article in a sailing magazine?

The original press who greeted you at the start may be interested in following up, or helping?

Why not have your son's website whet peoples appetite, then offer a link to a paid e-book for the remainder of the adventure?

Sim and Penny - 'True grit Brits - Rule Britannia'!

Mike - Cambridge, UK

Anonymous said...

Penny, I've just been going through your site - Incredible! I am doing a similar journey, although solo, and from Southampton (but also in a 26ft boat!). Right now I am in New York (I took a detour from the Caribbean), and plan to truck the boat to San Francisco, before I continue on to Melbourne. What is your email address? I'd love to write to you. It's incredible seeing old photos of the places you've been, because a lot of them I have been through in the past year. Hope to hear from you, Nick

Unknown said...

Hi Penny, I'm a Stella owner back in Essex, UK - I've got number 8, Flamingo. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and very much look forward to your future updates. Did you know that the Stella's are in their jubilee year - see the website:

Do you know what happened to Stella Mira? I'd be happy to find out through the association for you.